Hazus Inputs, by structure

Over the last 4 CanHUG meetings we have heard about and discussed Hazus inputs. They included the general concept of inputs, Hazard scenarios, Building assets and Infrastructure assets. The last of this series will be on Demographics. What became clear through these meetings is the thoroughness of our societal assets that Hazus can evaluate for hazard event losses. It became clear that, with thoroughness, comes complexity, and for most things, simplification.

Hazus can evaluate many things for their potential loss in an earthquake, flood or hurricane. It does not however treat all things to the same level of detail, in part because each structure is so different and many are very complicated. That difference is a practicality imposed on its use for loss-estimates that are aggregated for census blocks and dissemination areas. Hazus can also be used to calculate the model losses of a single structure, or in the case of some infrastructure, a single segment. The treatment between hazard types is different so investigate the manuals on the possibilities.








Input resources

The best resource for Hazus inputs is the technical manual for the hazard of interest.