It's about the Conversations

We need to talk.

At the February 15, 2012 CanHUG meeting I played a podcast about using Hazus for modeling damage from Hurricane Irene. That didn't work. Technically it had issues. Playing a degraded sound quality through a telephone made the story uncomfortable to follow. Mainly, hearing a replay fell flat.

The story itself is useful. That is why I replayed it. Playing the podcast was an experiment, that if it worked, would increase access to stories. It didn't work.

The story said what the Hazus hurricane module could and could not do. It told how hazus could help emergency managers focus their resources on areas that may be hit harder. It seemed useful for emergency managers in eastern Canada. You can model wind storms of more than 80 km/hr sustained wind, so it's also useful in many areas across Canada that do not experience hurricanes; for example the 2006 wind storm in Vancouver that blew down 1000 trees in Stanley Park. The hurricane module uses wind speed only. It does not do the heavy rain and rain induced flooding.

I think replaying the podcast fell flat because it couldn't be a conversation. The knowledgable people weren't there. They could not be engaged. We couldn't share our stories with a digital podcast. We need real people.

Lesson learned.