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Changes in Discussion forum and FAQ

An interactive FAQ section was set up a few weeks ago on It was meant to capture technical questions about using Hazus and the answers to those questions. It used the Discussion tool so the questions could be entered by CanHUG members. The answers to the questions could then be added as replies. That FAQ record the single discussion thread created is difficult to access. The discussion questions and answers are difficut to search and each contribution is lengthy and can have several questions in one.

Hazus Users Conference 2013

5-7 August 2013.

Dave, Kevin, Christina and Brendan were breathing sighs of relief on Monday morning as the delegates to the 2013 Hazus Users Conference started showing up at the reception desk. With Eric Berman, they greeted friends and colleagues congregating at the government centre in Indianapolis to share their stories about doing Hazus and ways to make it better. Eventually over a hundred people showed up, mostly from the eastern US. The rest came from further afield in the US, Canada, and Singapore.  The meeting was different than 3 years ago in Indianapolis.

Hazus Inputs, by structure

Over the last 4 CanHUG meetings we have heard about and discussed Hazus inputs. They included the general concept of inputs, Hazard scenarios, Building assets and Infrastructure assets. The last of this series will be on Demographics. What became clear through these meetings is the thoroughness of our societal assets that Hazus can evaluate for hazard event losses. It became clear that, with thoroughness, comes complexity, and for most things, simplification.

It's about the Conversations

We need to talk.

At the February 15, 2012 CanHUG meeting I played a podcast about using Hazus for modeling damage from Hurricane Irene. That didn't work. Technically it had issues. Playing a degraded sound quality through a telephone made the story uncomfortable to follow. Mainly, hearing a replay fell flat.

The story itself is useful. That is why I replayed it. Playing the podcast was an experiment, that if it worked, would increase access to stories. It didn't work.

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