Hospital Damage report will not generate

Hi --

I am using Hazus Canada 2.1 Flood.  When I run a Scenario and produce Results, I cannot get the "Hospital Damage & Functionality" report to generate (via Results - Summary Reports - Buildings - Hospital Damage & Functionality).

I get this error message:  Crystal Report Viewer - The field name is not known.

I know that there should be Hospital damages to report.  If I click on Results - Essential Facilities - Medical Care Facilities, I can see damaged hospitals and can map them.

I have run several different flood Scenarios for several different Study Regions, and always have the same problem.

The hospital data comes from my provincial database, which I have updated with hospitals for my region.  There is no problem displaying the added hospitals via Inventory - Essential Facilities, or via Results - Essential Facilities.

I haven't had the same problem with other Essential Facility data (e.g., Schools, EOCs, etc).

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Has anyone successfully added hospitals and generated the report (this would tell me if the problem is with my data, and not with Hazus Canada)?






Hospital Damage report does not generate for Hazus Canada Flood

Note: I responded directly to Sarah by email earlier and am now posting the response here.

Yes, the Hazus Canada Flood version does not produce a summary report for Hospitals, even though damage results are produced. We have duplicated and investigated the problem. The issue is one of the .dts files in the Canadian version; a file that was modified to make corrections for reports for User Defined Facilities. It appears that something was accidently changed for the Care Facilities report. Unfortunately, we are currently not in a postion to have this fixed.

The solution would be to export the hospital results to a .csv, or .html file for viewing/printing and perhaps generate your own summary report. To export, in the results window table (Results -> Essential Facilities -> Medical Care Facilities) right click the table and select Export. (I also tried exporting to an .xls file but Office detected a problem with the file and only showed it in Protected View.)

I also noticed that when one tries to “Map” the results from the Essential Facilities results tables, nothing shows up on the map or in the attribute table, even though a layer is added to the table of contents. A work around for this would be 1. “Map” the Essential facilities from the Inventory list, 2. take the .csv exported from the results table and add it back into ArcMap, and 3. join the inventory attribute table with the results .csv table based on the facility ID field (e.g. CareFltyId). The results for each building will be listed in the joined attribute list.   

Carol Wagner, NRCan


Sarah North

Hospital Damage report does not generate for Hazus Canada Flood

Thanks, Carol.  The workaround you suggest works fine for me.

You noted a problem with mapping the results via Results > Essential Facilities > Medical Care Facilities.  I did not have any problem with this.  The affected hospitals in my Study Region map successfully, and have the same results as shown in the CSV file.

I appreciate your help.