Shelter Requirements do not generate

Hi again --

I am using Hazus Canada 2.1 Flood.  I have run several flood scenarios for several different Study Regions.  For one of my Study Regions, the Shelter Requirements data does not generate (number of households displaced; population seeking shelter).

There should be results, as there are over 1300 buildings damaged.  For my other Study Regions, which mostly have fewer buildings damaged, there are results.

There are no results under Results - Shelter.  In the Global Summary Report under "Shelter Requirements", it says "Analysis has not been performed for this Scenario".  But I have checked, and this analysis option was turned on so it should have run.  I rebuilt the Study Region from scratch and re-ran the analysis, but same problem.

Has anyone else encountered this?






Shelter requirements do not generate

I responded directly to Sarah by e-mail earlier and am now posting the response here. 

We looked at the flAnalysisLog.txt file which we asked you to send to us. There is an error being logged during the Shelter calculation, which has to do with the calculation of the affected area. It appears to be an issue with this particular depth grid. Also, since you are getting results for shelter in your other study regions (using different depth grids, I presume) this suggests that it isn’t a software issue but a data issue.

We are not sure what the solution is for this. We suggest you look closely at this depth grid (visually, as well as the data files/structure) and compare it to your other depth grids? Is there anything different? (Are the units correct? Is the projection correct? Is the cell size appropriate?) 

Carol Wagner, NRCan

Sarah North

Shelter requirements do not generate

Hi, Carol.  I agree that this must be something to do with my data.

I have two flood scenarios (two depth grids) for this Study Region.  Both of them generate the errors.  I have not been able to find any problems with the depth grids.  Apart from geographic coverage, they are very similar to depth grids I produced for my other 9 Study Regions -- none of which generate this error.  Same projection, vertical units, and approximate range in values.

I have sent you a link to my depth grid data, via personal email.  I'm hoping you can spot the problem!




Sarah North

Shelter requirements do not generate

Hi All --

Thanks to William Chow at NRCan for figuring out the problem.  It turns out Hazus is causing a corruption in the geometry of the hzCensusBlock layer whenever it creates a Study Region.  Although this occurred with all 10 of the Study Regions I built, it only caused a significant problem with one of them.

The short term fix is to:

- Create a new Study Region

- Close Hazus

- Run the ArcGIS tool, Repair Geometry, on the hzCensusBlock layer (C:\Hazus_Data_CN\Regions\<Your Study Region>\RegionBndry.MDB\hzCensusBlock)

- Reopen the Study Region in Hazus and proceed with setting up Hazards and running the Analyses

Once I did this, I was able to generate the Shelter Requirements data for my Study Region.

I think NRCan is looking into a more comprehensive fix.