Northwest Hazus Users Group

Kelly Stone's invite to the NW HUG meeting.

"I (Kelly Stone) wanted to provide everyone an update for the NWHUG since it has been quite a while. Well as you can see our name has changed to the NorthWest Hazus User Group to encompass Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. I think this larger group will allow us to learn more of how Hazus is being used for various communities to prepare, plan, respond, and mitigate natural hazards. I have a few updates I would like to share below as well as some links.
Our next NWHUG call will be Feb. 20th at 10:00am Pacific Time. I will provide an overview of Hazus projects occurring in Region X.

WAURISA is hosting a workshop titled Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for the GIS Professional on February 4th. Registration closes this Friday so if you would like to register please go to

Updated Hazus State datasets and user defined templates are located here:

FEMA’s contractor STARR puts out a monthly newsletter detailing various trainings and projects occurring in Region X. If you could like to subscribe to the newsletter or read the latest newsletter you can go here:

The FEMA GeoPlatform which is where data will be posted during disaster activations can be accessed here:

All data relating to the NWHUG can be accessed at as well as the NWHUG LinkedIN site at

Please let me know if you have any Hazus questions. I look forward to talking with everyone on the 20th."

Event details
Thursday, 20 February, 2014 - 10:00 - 11:00
1-800-320-4330 Pin: 661876
adobe connect: