Changes in Discussion forum and FAQ

An interactive FAQ section was set up a few weeks ago on It was meant to capture technical questions about using Hazus and the answers to those questions. It used the Discussion tool so the questions could be entered by CanHUG members. The answers to the questions could then be added as replies. That FAQ record the single discussion thread created is difficult to access. The discussion questions and answers are difficut to search and each contribution is lengthy and can have several questions in one.

A different system will be phased in. It will have an open discussion forum where free-form comments, questions and answers can be posed, and a separate FAQ page created for recurrent questions and answers. The discussion system is presently open and you are encouraged to use it. The FAQ discussion suite that exists now will be reworked into separate discussions and replies and then an FAQ page will be started. That will look odd because they will all come from FAQeur instead of the original proponents. The FAQ page will require time to start and to build.

Your contributions to an FAQ page would be greatly appreciated. You can do that by emailing a text file with a question and useful answer.