User Groups 

What are User Groups?

User Groups are collaborative work spaces for Group Members to share their ideas and resources for using Hazus Canada on natural disaster mitigation and response projects.

To participate in the User Group, you must be a Group Member. As new Site Member, you automatically become a CanHUG Group Member. You may "Join" or "Request membership" to another Group from their main User Group page from the Group menu on the right hand side.

As a Group Member, you can:

  • post Discussion Q&As
  • post comments on Blogs, Notices and Resources
  • connect with other Group Members in the User Group
  • invite colleagues to join the User Group

You don’t have to be a Group Member to look around the site. 

Types of tools you can use within the User Group work spaces are:

  • Blogs for commentaries
  • Discussions for Q&A
  • Meetings/Events in calendar or list view
  • Resources such as Hazus case studies, data sources, and user guides
  • list of User Group Members

User Group content can be made public or available only to members of a particular User Group.

Only User Group leaders can post new Blogs, Meetings/Events, Notices and Resources. If you would like to share an event, idea or resource with other Group Members, contact your User Group leader.

To contact a User Group leader, click on the picture of a User Group Manager (from among User Group Members), then click Contact username and type in your message.

To contact the administrators of the website, click here.

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