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  • Nicky
    February 03, 2016 - Nicky

    The option to Develop Stream Network has not been implemented in Hazus Canada so that's why it is not selectable. To add flood information for a riverine scenario in Canada you can use


    1. 1. User Depth Grid, in ArcGIS GRID format, generated outside Hazus


    1. 2. HEC-RAS .flt file (Hydrologic Engineering Centers River Analysis System) generated outside Hazus


  • juliovanb
    January 29, 2016 - juliovanb

    Dear CanHuggers,

  • Sarah North
    May 28, 2015 - Sarah North

    Hi again --

    I am using Hazus Canada 2.1 Flood.  I have run several flood scenarios for several different Study Regions.  For one of my Study Regions, the Shelter Requirements data does not generate (number of households displaced; population seeking shelter).

    There should be results, as there are over 1300 buildings damaged.  For my other Study Regions, which mostly have fewer buildings damaged, there are results.

  • Sarah North
    May 27, 2015 - Sarah North

    Hi --

    I am using Hazus Canada 2.1 Flood.  When I run a Scenario and produce Results, I cannot get the "Hospital Damage & Functionality" report to generate (via Results - Summary Reports - Buildings - Hospital Damage & Functionality).

    I get this error message:  Crystal Report Viewer - The field name is not known.

    I know that there should be Hospital damages to report.  If I click on Results - Essential Facilities - Medical Care Facilities, I can see damaged hospitals and can map them.

  • Sarah North
    March 24, 2015 - Sarah North

    I'm working with Canadian Hazus 2.1 Flood, doing some test runs on a single municipality in the BC Lower Mainland.

    I'm trying to use CDMS "Update Study Region with Hazus-MH Data", but it seems to be corrupting my economic loss calculations.


    I built a Study Region for the municipality using out-of-the-box Hazus, set up a riverine flood scenario with a user-defined depth grid, and ran the analysis.  Building-related losses were in the order of $5 billion dollars.

  • Nicky
    July 30, 2014 - Nicky

    On today's CanHUG call there was an interest in sharing information on depth damage curves for flood modelling.  Feel free to add to the discussion and share with the group. 

    June 02, 2014 - frederick.guill...

    Hello all, I'm working in a flood insirance project, I i would like to extract the data part of the flood vulnerability curves from Hazus.

    According to one of my colleague, this table should look like this:


    Your table will be called something like Hazus Residential damage and will look something like this:


    -3 ft

    -2 ft

    -1 ft

  • jimoleary
    April 16, 2014 - jimoleary

    Hazus FoundationTypes for the Flood module are:

    Slab on Grade
    Crawl Space
    Basement / Yard
    Solid Wall

    What would be the appropriate value for buildings that have an underground parking lot?


  • jasonrossgis
    April 09, 2014 - jasonrossgis


    I want to post a follow-up message from my practicum working with Hazus-MH for the CVRD, to thank everyone who helped me out along the way, and pass along recommendations from my new-user experience.

  • jimoleary
    April 01, 2014 - jimoleary

    Has anyone seen this error, after finishing the field mapping for import in the User Defined Facilities dialog?

    "ShowImportDialog caught Unexpected exception from PDTISHELLLib"

    Sometimes when trying to import I have got a clue as to the error, like "datatypes don't match". I assume that it is something to do with the dialog box itself, but what?

    This is for the Flood beta module.