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Hazus Canada


The CanHUG (Canadian HAZUS Users Group) was formed in January 2011 to provide a forum for HAZUS users and stakeholders on Canadian application of HAZUS. This group shares information on HAZUS applications in disaster risk reduction, the use of the HAZUS software, expansion of HAZUS capability, and the implimentation of a HAZUS North America, adaptable to all countries, while the group defines its role during its formative stage. It was affiliated with a more broadly scoped Canadian group looking at risk assessment for decision making in disaster risk reduction (RAUG - Risk Assessment Users Group).

Currently CanHUG is facilitated by the Quantitative Risk Assessment Project of the Natural Resources Canada Program for Public Safety Geoscience. To participate, email Malaika Ulmi, Geological Survey of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia.

CanHUG Mission:

The CanHUG mission will be developed by the group, as it understands the scope of its participant needs and aspirations.

CanHUG Initiation Objectives:

  • Foster and support a network of stakeholders in the Canadian application of HAZUS 
  • Create opportunities to learn HAZUS and its use 
  • Share HAZUS stories 
  • Share best practices in operating HAZUS and its use